our values

Diatreme is committed to realising the full potential of our mineral and silica sand assets while integrating the highest sustainable development practices in all areas of our work. We are committed to respecting the rights and interests of all stakeholders and maintain close relationships with them to understand and manage the environmental, economic and social impacts of our activities.

Diatreme’s activities are being developed in collaboration with Traditional Owners. Hope Vale Congress Aboriginal Corporation is the RNTBC entity, representing the interests of Native Title holders. Key to our success is to maintain and continuously improve our social and environmental licences to operate.

our strategy

Diatreme’s focus is on whole community engagement, ensuring our programs engage the whole family. Keeping generations of family healthy and mobile is key.

The Company’s social investment is diverse and with wide-ranging impacts across different aspects of the community.

This has included sponsoring significant local community events in Far North Queensland, including the Hope Vale Junior Rugby League association, the Barefoot Ballerinas and Yimbala dancers and the community music festival. Diatreme has also partnered with TAFE Qld to deliver its ‘One Business’ program in Hope Vale to support the establishment of Indigenous businesses.

For more information, refer to our 2022 Annual Report.


Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the wellbeing of future generations” – World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987

Diatreme’s approach to ESG includes adhering to high standards of integrity, fostering a respectful, diverse and inclusive workplace, creating inclusive and positive practices, taking action to protect the environment, and provide opportunity to communities in the areas we operate.


Diatreme is establishing a culture that recognises and embraces all people as individuals, empowering people to celebrate what makes them different. We foster an environment of mutual learning, respect, dignity and openness to other cultures and an appreciation of other perspectives, whilst promoting equal opportunity to contribute to business success and lead by example without unconscious bias.

diversity & Inclusion

Diatreme aims to become a world-class producer of high purity silica, evolving as a lead participant in delivering new economy mineral products and technology, contributing to domestic and global decarbonisation.

our mission


Prior to any mining activity we undertake comprehensive cultural and environmental studies to increase our understanding of an area.

Working with local people, we identify and actively avoid disturbance to cultural heritage sites. We engage with scientists, archaeologists, universities, government and Indigenous organisations to better preserve cultural heritage and minimise our impact.

We work towards minimal disturbance and immediate rehabilitation. Where possible, we also assist Indigenous peoples in maintaining access to sites of cultural significance for connection and customary practices.

Throughout our operations we consult and work in unison with Traditional Owners, seeking their guidance and approval. The areas we operate on hold significance to many.

We acknowledge our Indigenous people and the cultural, spiritual and physical connections they have with land, water, plants and animals.


Cultural heritage is not limited to material objects like drawings, sculptures, buildings, documents, or instruments.

Cultural heritage includes immaterial elements such as traditions, oral history, performing arts, social practices, traditional craftsmanship, representations, rituals, knowledge and skills transmitted from generation to generation within a community.

Cultural heritage implies a shared connection, our belonging to a community. It represents our history and our identity; our bond to the past, our present, and the future.

cultural heritage