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our mission

To become a leading producer of high purity silica and other critical minerals, contributing to global decarbonisation while adding value for all stakeholders.

cultural heritage

Diatreme is dedicated to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Hope Vale area. We'll be working closely with affected local clans to identify cultural heritage values and develop cultural heritage management plans. These plans ensure that the traditions and history of the land are respected and protected. Our commitment is to involve and consult the community every step of the way, ensuring that our operations align with the values and interests of the Hope Vale community. We aim to build a project that benefits everyone while honouring the area's deep-rooted heritage.

Recognising the importance of both the traditional owners of the area and the community, Diatreme's approach is rooted in consultation and collaboration. By valuing open dialogue and partnership, we aim to create a project that not only respects the deep-rooted heritage of the area but also brings shared benefits to the entire Hope Vale community.