On 14 January 2020, Diatreme submitted a voluntary Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) application for the Galalar Silica Project, which was approved by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (the department) on 5 March 2020.

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)1 is a tool the government uses to assess:

  • the current environment in the area of the project
  • potential environmental, economic and social impacts of the project
  • proponent proposals to avoid, minimise, mitigate and/or offset those potential impacts.

1 Refer Queensland Government website 

The Galalar Silica Project is also a controlled action (EPBC/2020/8626) under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

The controlling provisions are sections 12 and 15A (world heritage properties), sections 15B and 15C (national heritage places), sections 18 and 18A (listed threatened species and communities), sections 20 and 20A (listed migratory species), sections 23 and 24A (a commonwealth marine area), sections 24B and 24C (Great Barrier Reef marine park) of the EPBC Act.

The EIS process will also assess potential impacts of the Galalar project on these controlling provisions, consistent with the bilateral agreement (section 45 of the EPBC Act) between the Commonwealth and Queensland governments for the purposes of the Commonwealth Government’s assessment under part 8 of the EPBC Act.



Terms of Reference (ToR)

Diatreme submitted the draft terms of reference (TOR) for an EIS for the project to the department on 3 July 2020. The draft TOR, a public notice and a description of the project is available online here at the Queensland Government’s website.

The publicly available documents can also be obtained by accessing the links below:

The draft TOR for the EIS will be available for public review and comment from 27 July 2020 to 14 September 2020.

Written comments are invited from any person in relation to the draft TOR and can be made using the comments template.

Written comments on the ToR should be sent to:

The Chief Executive
Department of Environment and Science
Attention: The EIS Coordinator (Galalar Silica Sand Project)
GPO Box 2454
or by email to eis@des.qld.gov.au

Next Steps

This is only the first step of the formal consultation and engagement process for the Galalar Silica Project. Future steps will include preparing the draft EIS document and then releasing this document for public review and inviting a second round of public submissions. 

Many stakeholders and groups will also be contacted as part of the project's overall consultation programme and as part of the social impact assessment being prepared under the EIS.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Team either via the project hotline on 1800 512 189 or emailing manager@diatreme.com.au. We would also encourage you to join our electronic mailing list (see below) for future updates.



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