Our Corporate Mission

To become a leading producer of high purity silica and other critical minerals, contributing to global decarbonisation while adding value for all stakeholders.

Our ESG Strategy

Diatreme is committed to realising the full potential of our mineral and silica sand assets while integrating the highest sustainable development practices in all areas of our work.

We are committed to respecting the rights and interests of all stakeholders and maintain close relationships with them to understand and manage the environmental, economic and social impacts of our activities.

Diatreme’s ESG strategy aligns with United Nations Global Impact (UNGC) and the Global Reporting Index (GRI) Standards.

The company’s commitment to ESG includes adhering to high standards of integrity; fostering a respectful, diverse and inclusive workplace; creating inclusive and positive practices; taking action to protect the environment; and providing opportunities to the communities in the areas in which we operate.

Contributing to Global Decarbonisation

Diatreme’s Galalar Silica Project has the potential to produce over 31 million tonnes of gross silica sand over its life of mine, potentially producing more than 3.2 billion solar panels.

Based on estimated energy generation over the life of the solar panels, the emissions saving compared to coal-fired power generation could amount to 25.5Kt of carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent emissions of 38.7m households, 132 million cars and 34 to 291 million hectares of trees.

Total lifecycle emissions associated with solar panels produced as a result of the project is approximately 1,093Mt CO2-e. This compares to approximately 26,669Mt CO2-e for the equivalent amount of energy generation by burning coal.

(Source: BMT, October 2021)