Tick Hill Gold Project (Queensland)

The Tick Hill Gold Project is comprised of three granted mining leases (ML7094, 7096 & 7097) each with an area of 130ha for a total area of 390ha. The ML's are located 110km southeast of Mount Isa in northwest Queensland

In March 2015 the ML's were formally assigned to Diatreme following execution of the Option and Sale Agreement with Mount Isa Mines Limited.

Diatreme previously reached agreement with Superior Resources Limited (ASX:SPQ) to farm out the Tick Hill Gold Project (refer ASX Announcement Aug 2011) 

The Tick Hill Gold Deposit was mined between 1991 and 1995 by Carpentaria Gold Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of MIM Holdings Limited) for the production of 513,333 ounces of gold from 705,000 tonnes of ore at a recovered grade of 22.6 g/t gold (MIM Holdings Limited Annual Reports). This makes it one of the highest grade gold deposits in Australia's recent gold producing history.

Previous mining at Tick Hill was by an open pit with an underground mine beneath the open pit. Access to the underground mine was via a decline. A blind-bored vertical shaft which connected to the decline at depth was used for ventilation and as a mine escape route. Both the decline and vertical shaft were capped by concrete at the completion of mining but both are expected to be recoverable if required for further mining. Mine workings are currently flooded.

The prime purpose of the exploration program to be completed by SPQ is to define a high-grade gold resource similar to that previously mined by Carpentaria Gold Pty Ltd. SPQ has identified a fault near the bottom of the previously mined gold shoot with the possibility that the gold shoot may exist at depth in an offset position from the previously mined area. SPQ will initially drill areas containing the possible offset extension of the mined shoot.

Additional exploration to be completed by SPQ includes assessment of other potentially gold bearing areas within the mining leases, testing of the tailings from the previous mining to determine if these contain sufficient gold to warrant reprocessing, assessment of potential alluvial resources and investigation of the grade of the old mine dumps.

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